Sunday, 17 August 2008

Aug 17th.

On arrival at the pool this morning around 10-30 there were just 6 Common Terns sitting on the bouys just off the car park , when at 10-40 a flock of 33 birds came in from the north circled the pool twice, and moved off high to the south. Other birds of note , 2x Common Sandpipers, 2x Buzzards, 75x Lapwing and a Hobby.
S Seal.
Late news from Wednesday.
Goldeneye (female).
Part of the flock of 33 Common Terns.

There was a good number of Lesser Black Backed Gulls today at the pool, mainly adults with a small number of juveniles. This juvenile was photographed close to the shore at the western end .
Lesser B B Gull (juv).

Lesser B B Gull (juv).

Lesser B B Gull (juv).

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