Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesday 18th January

Had a whole morning to grill the patch this morning and managed to see 47 species. There were still good numbers of Goosander c.60, Pochard 120, Wigeon 7, Shoveler 4.

There were a couple of small flocks of Siskin all around the small pool and a good number of five common thrush species. There was a bit of action in the Gt Spotted Woodpecker department with the two males trying to impress a  female and chasing her around from tree to tree, with lots of drumming going on.

The paddocks were productive with a good variety of finches and I had three groups of Bullfinch totalling around 12 birds. Nuthatch were calling in the area of woodland between the two pools all in all not a bad morning.

There was a Black-headed Gull with a BTO ring on the right leg and a large ring on the left leg 60HZ I will try and find out more.

Steve Haynes counted 87 Goosander at dusk this evening – will we get to 100?

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