Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday 25th January

With light rain falling I spent a couple of hours around the Reservoir, it was quiet which is to be expected at this time of year – January being one of the “dead months” as far as birding goes.

Wildfowl were roughly the same, although the numbers of Goosander – albeit in the morning are way down on last week with only around 30 birds seen today. Wigeon are at 40+, whilst Pochard 140 is an improvement on recent times. Considering there were nearly 200 Shoveler here in December you could struggle to see a single bird at the moment – and today I did – or should that be I didn’t!

It has obviously been a busy weekend for dogs at the reservoir with multi-coloured bags of dog pooh everywhere. I don’t understand some people, why bother to put it in a bag if you intend to just dump it (sorry no pun intended). Or worst still why launch it up into a tree? I’d rather have Bobby D’s much hated chinese lanterns festoon the trees (we have one).

I don’t need help to be a miserable git and as a dog lover (and owner) myself I find it irresponsible and it detracts from the beauty of Shustoke Reservoir which is why we all go there in the first place.

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