Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday 22 August

Had the afternoon off work and had a wander with the Good Captain – it was well worth it and we recorded 50 species of bird. The highlight being a Wheatear on the north shore. We had a calling Curlew but didn’t see it – it was high and distant. There was one Common Sandpiper and – a sign that autumn is on its way a single Teal, two Wigeon as well as around 12 Gadwall.

There was a brood of Little Grebe on the small pool and we had a Kingfisher is the same area. There were a few warblers around with one bush providing us with a family party of recently fledged Whitethroat, upto 5 Blackcap and a very showy Garden Warbler. We encountered a few Tit flocks which contained a Nuthatch, a couple of Goldcrest and a few Chiffchaff.

Not wished to depress anyone but it is September next week!

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