Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday 27th August

Up at 7 this morning and Joy and I took the dog around the reservoir, I also humped my telescope around but to no avail. This evening I just fancied a quick hour so I just took my bins as it look like rain (I was not wrong). I have been a bit disappointed with the lack of waders as the conditions at the res looked really good and tonight was no exception with just the LRP and a couple of Common Sandpiper.

The Good Captain and myself commented earlier in the week that with the number of Little Grebe present that it would not be impossible for them to drag in a Black-necked Grebe, well whilst scanning through the Little Grebe I came across a juvenile Black-necked Grebe, it is more Black and White than Brown and Buff and has a much more angular head. Anyway it was late and I thought about heading back for my camera but it was to far back to the car. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow.

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