Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday 14th February

I paid a late afternoon trip and if I thought yesterday was poor then today wasn’t much better – or so I thought!

A quick scan of the Reservoir produced around 30 Goosander and gulls were starting to gather for the roost. I had walked almost the whole of the way round not seeing a single passerine (Corvids don’t count). At the back of the small pool my heart missed a beat when I came across five Great Tit and a Mistle Thrush. There was a flock of 120+ Jackdaw and Rook in a recently tilled field on the other side of the railway.

I was beginning to give up hope and was within 50 yards of the car when I found today’s star bird or birds. I was trying hard to get Chaffinch on the day list and the hedgerow behind the Sailing Club usually hold a few roosting birds and today was not different. As I scanned I picked up a Brambling then another, then another and there were three in total with one being a male moulting in to full breeding plumage (I hope they are there a bit longer), unfortunately no camera. These were the first that I have seen since 2000 and I haven’t heard of any other record but I am sure there must be some.

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