Monday, 28 February 2011

The Weekend

Didn’t do much the weekend, due to nursing duties, so I concentrated on taking photographs of the birds in the garden (photos to follow). I had had a Brambling in the morning so after doing the shopping, washing etc (a woman’s work is never done – ain’t that the truth) I settled down to take some photo’s. I sat and sat and sat but the Brambling didn’t reappear so I went into the kitchen to make the wife a cup of tea and came back to be met with “You just missed the Sparrowhawk on the birdtable!”

I walked the dog down Moat House and the mixed Finch/Bunting flock was still present and there was a load of stuff, it is very difficult to view but there must have been c.100 Yellowhammer, 12 Reed Bunting, c.50 Chaffinch,  I also picked up Linnet and Greenfinch amongst them. It will be worth checking in the future as it might drag something half decent in.

On Sunday I took in the Gravel Pits and had Snipe, Gadwall, Teal and a fly over male Peregrine.

I didn’t have the heart to go to Shustoke but will try and get over later in the week – work permitting.

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