Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tuesday 22nd February

I have been informed by Steve Haynes who has been in contact with Severn Trent that Severn Trent are now seriously considering closing Shustoke Reservoir to members of the public. Despite a campaign to persuade selfish dog walkers to keep dogs on a lead and clear up after them the majority have taken no notice of their appeals whatsoever. This no doubt will upset dog walkers who behave responsibly (including myself) but maybe it is the only course of action left to them.

From a personal point of view it does grate that dogs running around the shoreline and going into the water  undermines my enjoyment of the reservoir, as waders (rare anyway) tend to be flushed by the first dog walker around. I was also informed that a Mute Swan was killed by a dog recently – so maybe it will be for the best. It remains to be seen wether birders will be allowed to purchase permits to bird the res – I hope so.

Unfortunately the Neds and Ejeets that have disregarded the signs probably don’t care and will move onto pastures new where their “little darlings” can do their thing!

Walking the dog around the Shustoke area tonight I saw a Little Owl and heard another bird in the same general area that I had birds last year.

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