Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday 12th February

Felt a bit guilty today, with the sun shining I thought I should probably make a start on the garden. With the weather the way it was and sailing taking place I didn’t think I would miss much.

However, I did walk the dog over Coleshill Quarry. It was good surprisingly, with two Little Egrets, two Shelduck and a fine male Stonechat. As I made my way towards the far end there was what appeared to be a birder with a tripod standing on the top of the far mound. I was miffed a little as he was standing on the skyline and all the birds looked spooked. I though this bloke knows nothing about fieldcraft! I was a little surprised as well as he didn’t appear to be watching anything. I soon got my answer as I heard the distant sound of a steam train coming through Coleshill Station. My “anorak” burst into life filming a GWR train and carriages as it chuffed alongside the quarry giving great views. He was that busy filming it, I don’t think he actually saw the thing.

It was good to know I wasn’t the old saddo at the Quarry today!

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