Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday 13th February

What a day, I think it rained continually all day. It was unfortunately, the BTO Wetland Survey count day. I find it really frustrating that we have some good numbers of wildfowl during the week but at weekends with sailing and Shustoke being generally popular there is little left to count. But the whole point it to get an accurate picture.

The only species that was new for the year for the Reservoir was a flock of around 20 Lapwing flushed from Ladywalk that flew our way before retuning.

It turned out to be one of my poorest visits, the weather, strong winds and time of year meant that I struggled to see 28 species about 15 down on an average flying visit. I didn’t even come across a Moorhen!

BTO counts

Mallard 74
Wigeon 9
Tufted Duck 88
Pochard 141
Canada Geese 8
Coot c.318
Great Crested Grebe 10
Little Grebe 4

No Goosander, Shoveler and Moorhen?

As regards the Canine Footy, I give up, the Dirty Dog Heads are winning hands down and I fear that is an Omen for next Sunday!

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